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Friday, June 26, 2009

Brainstorming for Yahoo on A Rainy Day in NY!

Carol Bartz is looking for a solution to help Yahoo turn its situation around and there is still no definite information about a deal between Microsoft and Yahoo but here are some thoughts:
Yahoo has a large user base of Yahoo Messenger, why isn't there any effort to improve this segment. Maybe there is, but the fact that Yahoo has been doing a terrible job in preventing spams on YM accounts makes it hard to believe the company actually cares to maintain its competencies (from an user's standpoint). I don't know what is up with 360 blog either. For a long period of time, 360 is like every YM user's best friend. I still remember how disappointed I was the other day when I received Yahoo's email saying that they were gonna close Yahoo 360 on July 13, 2009. That's gonna be a sad day. I mean come on, "I am a lazy web user who doesn't want to think or work when it comes to social media and I don't want to move my blog to a new profile when I already have Facebook!"

Then I ponder upon how Yahoo could improve itself against the other two giants Google and MSN. It made me think of dearest online advertisers. Yahoo needs to improve its search service!!! (easy to say right? I know....) But here's an idea, how about Yahoo improves its search on YM, makes it more user-friendly. I am staring at the YM friendlist and looking for the websearch bar. It is all the way at the bottom of the list. Why don't they put it somewhere else? I don't know ....make it a bar that sticks out to the side of the chat tool or something....I don't know much about the technological requirements for that to happen but there are other ways to improve the search bar too. Like Linkedin, they have a bar to search for people/inbox/companies, etc all in one. I guess that's why it's Linkedin and not Yahoo.
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