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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random Cloud Talk

This is not really marketing-related, but I once entered a discussion about cloudsource solutions. One person asked "why would you allow your business information be in the cloud or managed by a cloud service? I mean all that information...." And I told him "why would you put money in a bank? You know them just as well as you would know your cloud service providers."
Cloudsourcing some parts of your business is one great way to cut cost. Companies who offer cloud-based service are responsible for finding the best people to protect their clients' data. These people work full time in order to make sure their cloud servers are trustworthy and more business owners will use such service. A lot of time, companies will argue having an in house team and server is adequate. However, the in-house team may not be specialized enough in data protection or your company probably will not have the best technology.
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