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Monday, September 14, 2009

"Optimize" Your College Life


Only a few more days and you will become a freshman in college! This will be one of many remarkable chapters in your life, and I am excited for you. You probably want me to tell you everything I know, but college is one of those things that you have to be there and experience yourself. Not everyone has the same story and I wish that your story would be good. Here's some of my suggestions which, hopefully, are useful for you:

1. Have wait, have measurable goals: Make sure you are heading forward to something. Evaluate your goals weekly,monthly,quarterly and yearly to see if you are still following through with your set of goals. Moving slowly sometimes is ok, as long as you are moving forward.

2. Stay relevant: Pick your courses and selective courses carefully. Make sure the skills that you want to learn are still valuable. Read the news.

3. Choose the right team: Hang yourself around good people. Much of things that I've learned in college are through people with whom I encountered.

4. Expand vertically and horizontally: College is a great place to test and fall. Test now, fall now and find out what direction you'd like to expand. 

5. Watch the resource: Stay focus, party hard, have fun and make the most out of it like everyone has probably suggested, but never forget to check your resource. Health and time are the two most important in this category.

Enjoy the ride!

Sincerely, from your nerdy sister who might have overdosed herself on PPC How-to forums.


Anita said...

Great advice! Wish someone had told me this before I went to college!
Anita @ModelSupplies

3PBlogger said...

Thanks for the comment and support, and welcome to my blog!

KPHiL said...

Hi Linh. Glad that you are still (or even more) admirably energetic as you were in DC. Also, great advice!

KPHiL said...
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3PBlogger said...

Hey KPhiL,
Thanks for stopping by...Since you're using your screen name, may I ask who it is? :)