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Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Are Probably A Search Marketer If.....

1. You consider it's normal to caps lock the first letter of every word. 
2. In your head, you unconsciously follow your friend's sentences with synonyms.
3. The Twitter limit is 140 but you only need 95 (25+35+35). 
4. Sometimes, you feel as if you are an accountant, an English teacher, a statistician, etc.but well, you are a marketer.
5. Without factoring in the client and internal communication, you spend 10% of the time creating, 50% of the time tracking and the rest of the time fixing things.
6. It is normal to check your campaign's progress in the middle of the night. People don't stop clicking.
7. You have dreams of spreadsheets.
8. When people asked you to really explain what you do, you start with: "you know when you type in Google..."
9. Professional certified test days might involve free drinks and cool perks.
10. You read this and create a sheet to track how many % of this is true.


Unknown said...

Ha ha So True.... Hi From Chris at Chitika.

Mandy said...

I have nightmares about overspending... all very true!

3PBlogger said...

@Christopher: Hello! Welcome to my blog!
@Mandy: Yes, one more thing to add to the list: random nightmares that non-semers won't comprehend the level of severity=))