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Monday, July 09, 2012

Facebook Advertising and Suggestions for Sheryl Sandberg

Recent news on Sheryl Sandberg joining the Facebook Board of Directors probably motivates the largest number of female entrepreneurs and leaders within the tech community in 2012. Business owners or online marketers like myself and others, however, have different kind of interest. It is whether Sheryl Sandberg, formerly VP of Online Sale and Operation at Google, will use her past experience to help shape and innovate the Facebook advertising system so that it becomes relevant for both advertisers and the end users. There are definitely places that need improvement and following are some suggestions:

1. Reach advertisers by verticals or by advertisers’ needs: Advertisers who want to sell bags will have different goals than those trying to get exposure for their songs and music shows. It is great that there were a lot of facebook marketing campaigns successfully drove traffic to their page last year, but if all of them were in the entertainment industry, how can business owners and advertisers relate? Building segmented help forums, case studies and researches or emailing lists can be done in order to provide relevant information.

2. Provide better learning experience: Google definitely succeeded at training many search marketers and advocating for the Adwords certification. Facebook needs a similar system and more organized material in order to communicate with advertisers on topics such as ad delivery options. A step by step guide or tutorial videos will be helpful as well.

3. Build ad support team: Similar to Google, Bing, Apple and other companies with excellent customer service, Facebook will need a strong and helpful ad support team as well. As of right now, smaller advertisers and business owners don’t even have an option to email, let alone call Facebook if there is an advertising-related question.

Facebook offers growth opportunities for advertisers through demographic and social targeting options. However, it will take us sometimes to know whether having more targeting options allows better reach or trigger mediocre online marketing and the team at Facebook will help form the answer to that.

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