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Friday, August 14, 2009

My Little Collection of Excel Useful Tips for SEM

In my entire college life, I have never thought I would get excited over Excel. I guess I didn't fully comprehend how useful it is while sitting in school worrying about when the next English paper is due...Here are a few things that I appreciate a lot more about Excel recently:
1. Shortcuts:
Alt and "+" = AutoSum
Ctrl and ";" = Insert today's date
Shift+Space bar = Ctrl +Shift+"->"= Select the whole row
Ctrl and Space bar = Ctrl+Shift+"Arrow Down"= Select the whole column
Ctrl+F11=Insert a new (Macro) sheet
Ctrl+Pageup or Pagedown: moving from sheet to sheet
Ctrl+H: find and replace
My friend in college Ben used to brag to me about the fact that he never has to use the mouse for anything anymore, I did not know why it was such a big deal for him.Some of the stuff he did include Ctrl+shift+tab: navigate through different tab on Firefox, or Ctrl+Alt+tab: navigate through different applications used (like when you want to move from Firefox to Excel for example). Now that see how much faster to navigate by using shortcuts, I thought of Ben with much respect.

2. Microsoft Ad Intelligence plugin: Here's to Josh who I met on the SEMPO Boat Cruise. He's the one who shares with me this useful information: I downloaded it but never used it myself. He told me that the search data is from several years worth of searches on Live. That's pretty cool, though I need to do some more research on how it is applied in a specific case. But you are much appreciated Josh!!!
There are many more but that's it for now, I am going to spend the rest of my Friday night with my friends before they boycott me for being on the computer too much.

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