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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Four Point Parking and Google Map

This took place a while ago, but I recently got virus on my computer that delayed me on blasting this out to the world (yes, times like this make me want to switch to Mac and avoid all virus problems). A friend of mine recently got her money back thanks to Google Map. What happened was that she and a few others traveled to California. They parked at a spot without knowing that it was intended for handicapped drivers. Other handicapped spots were marked very clearly, hers was not. Maybe because she never failed to follow the laws and probably disagreed with the accident fine of not knowing enough, she took a picture of her parking spots using Google map and sent. The picture pointed out other clearly marked handicapped spots (in yellow) vs. her not-clearly-marked spot (in red).

Result? She got the ticket reduced from $300 to $50.  Not too bad for speaking up. At least she didn't have to pay for someone who forgot to re-paint the parking lot. Now I really wonder if similar things happened to others. Who knows, maybe Google map have served many others beyond its intended purpose.

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